Man Accuses a Soldier of Brutalising His Daughter in

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A man has accused a soldier of brutalizing his daughter at Nyanya market in Abuja. According to the man identified as Tersoo Samson Akula, the soldier publicly assaulted his daughter after she told him to help her pass a bottle which was close to him before he allegedly called her derogatory names and descended on her.

The accused soldier has been identified as one Mr. Aloysius serving at the Mogadishu barracks in the Federal capital territory.

The man shared the update on Facebook. Read below;

“One Mr. Aloysius soldier serving at the Mogadishu barracks manhandled my data Miss Helen Ngodoo Akula, today 2/10/18 around 5 pm at Nyanya market all because he could. He molested her and called her all kinds of derogatory names. I have vowed that my daughter will get justice for this brutality.

No citizen of this country deserves this treatment talk less an innocent girl, who decided to stand up for right and refused to be intimidated.  My daughter is highly traumatized.  And I have made her a promise to get her justice!”

In a swift response from the authorities, the suspect Mr. Aloysius Anayo has been reported to the appropriate authorities and investigation has commenced. He did not deny the allegations against him but has been pleading for mercy.


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