Simi’s Pouch: Killing My Husband in Defense

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Hello to Simi’s Pouch. I heard Princess’s radio programme “Counsellor in Tha‘ House” on PlusMedia Radio on Saturday and I thought of sharing my story with you for some advice.  

We met at my place of work, I was an easy-going lady who was in every way contented with the simple things of life.

My life was so planned it seemed like a ritual. Things had to be done at specific times of the day, from my wake-up time to making breakfast for myself and my mother, to joining the bus to work, everything was well planned out. I loved being organized.

Wale appeared to be the perfect picture of a gentle man, who walked into my life at a point when I thought the things of love were not for me. He was tall, chocolate skin with a smile that could melt hearts and eyes that could piece souls. We bumped into each other at a supermarket close to my office. It was love at first sight. 

This love was one that words could not explain. Everything about us clicked, and we became inseparable. Colleagues, family and friends couldn’t wait to see us walk down the aisle and that was our exact reality.

Our wedding happened six months into the relationship, I was beyond happy, and so was he, or so I thought. Fast forward to the first year of our marriage, things began to head south. My husband had become a mere Shadow of who I fell in love with. He was always getting drunk and sadly, hitting me. Sex had become an act of rape; a beast had emerged and I feared for my life. 

I got tired of covering the bruises with makeup and wearing dark glasses. I wanted out but he wouldn’t let me, on this fateful night I was ready to defend myself from him in the only way I deemed fit. Poison. Wale is in the hospital fighting for his life now and I don’t know if I should remain by his side or take advantage of this opportunity to leave.  

If he dies, I hope I will be able to stand the guilt of killing the father our unborn child. Please advise me.
My name is ***** *******  

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