Three Tips on How to Develop Good Interpersonal Skills

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Do you know can draw out that super- shy colleague you’re partnering with on a project? And remove the sting from your words when you’re annoyed with a colleague? Or even show a co-worker who’s going through a stressful time that you’re there for support?


  1. Find one good trait in every co-worker;

Not all of us like every single person we work with. However, you can’t let personal preference get in the way of peak performance. If a colleague’s personality clashes completely with your own, the best way to handle the situation is by finding at least one good trait in that person—preferably something professional. For example, you might not like Kim, the social media manager, but if you remind yourself that she’s an expert at designing and executing an effective social media campaign, it can become much easier to interact with her professionally.

  1. Practice active listening.

You can do this by maintaining eye contact with the speaker, nodding your head, and repeating what he says in your own words. The speaker will feel respected, and you’re likely to be able to recall the conversation more easily afterwards.

  1. Control your emotions. 

Work isn’t the place to be overly emotional. Whether you’re extremely irritated, severely depressed, or ecstatically happy, take a deep breath and tone your emotions down. Always express yourself in a calm, patient manner.

The ability to communicate and connect with others at work or anywhere will makes you happier, No act of kindness, however small is ever wasted

Toheebah O Abd’azeez


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